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Auction bidding service
In order for you to participate with confidence in the auctions market it’s important for you have access to real estate listings before the actual distribution dates. That’s why we use reliable portal sites to support the listings of foreclosed properties in Japan that are available to us through auctions.

Rental Housing Mediation (UR Housing)
No key money, No Lease renewal fees, No Meaningless brokerage fees

Find the apartment that best suits you from a database of approximately 770,000 units throughout Japan. We offer you a variety of housing choices - sizes, layouts and locations that can satisfy your lifestyle.

About Sun-Asset Management: Your Bridge to Japanese Real Estate
We want to give you access to Japanese Real Estate with the service and support that has been unavailable to non-Japanese until now. Our focus is on property leasing, sales and property management. We specialize in providing representation, consultation and information support for purchases through real estate auctions. We provide innovation and equality in the Japanese real estate industry.

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